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May's Monthly Readings


Exercise care in the use of all drugs and be alert to the problems of their misuse. As with alcohol, many other drugs, including tobacco, have harmful effects on the individual and may lead to addiction. The abundant life does not come from artificial stimulation but from personal growth in physical, mental and spiritual awareness. Avoid all kinds of gambling and such activities as are cruel or demoralising.

Ireland Yearly Meeting
General Christian Counsel

Consider which of the ways to happiness offered by society are truly fulfilling and which are potentially corrupting and destructive. Be discriminating when choosing means of entertainment and information. Resist the desire to acquire possessions or income through unethical investment, speculation or games of chance.

In view of the harm done by the use of alcohol, tobacco and other habit forming drugs, consider whether you should limit your use of them or refrain from using them altogether. Remember that any use of alcohol or drugs may impair judgment and put both the user and others in danger.

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