That of God in everyone

There are three groups for Young Friends, ages 0-5, 6-11 and 12 & over. They meet every other week and start at 10.45am (the same time as Meeting for Worship). At 11.30am the groups come together to share what they have been doing and have some silence before joining the main meeting at 11.35am for the remaining 10 minutes.

During junior meeting young friends engage in a variety of activities and learning experiences that are built into a structured programme. At Christmas and usually one Sunday in the Spring the young people prepare and lead the ministry in the main Meeting for Worship. Through the year various other events are organised including social events and running fund raising activities for charity.

For two weeks at Christmas and Easter and during July and August there is no formal programme. We plan to have one nominated adult to take any young people who come to meeting during August.

A wide range of further youth activities are run by the Youth Support Workers for Ireland Yearly Meeting and more information and a contact email can be found on their website

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