That of God in everyone

Quaker Quest


Are you interested in further exploring the Quaker way? Whether you are new to Quakerism, interested in Quakerism, or have been involved for many years, Quaker Quest, a relaxed but structured approach, developed by Britain Yearly Meeting, has proved to be a rich and rewarding experience. 

We feel this is a good time to use this method, as we emerge form the strictures of recent years into the current global climate, and are offering a series of four evening discussions - from 7pm to 9.15pm- at South Belfast Quaker Meeting. You can also join via Zoom  ( Kerry please put link for all sessions here) Please feel free to come to as many of the sessions as you want.

Together we will look at how we Quakers experience key issues,, and how we try to live out our faith. 
 Our themes will be:-
24 April - God/ Faith 
4 May - Worship 
11 May - Integrity 
18 May - Equality/ Diversity  
Each evening three speakers will briefly outline how they see things, before we all explore our thoughts and feelings and worship together.

If you would like to know more contact Will Haire at or Iam Mitchell at