That of God in everyone

M&O JUNE 23 Update

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Friends will be aware that every month one of us of the M&O team reads from the Queries and Advices, to encourage everyone to think about them. It is something done in every Meeting in Ireland.

These Advices and Queries have a long history, used in different ways, with different emphases, over the years. They are revised over the generations. As a Meeting we also use both those prepared by Ireland Yearly Meeting and by Britain Yearly Meeting, since the different wording and focus are helpful.

The point however is that they are very much for each of us to reflect on individually. helping each of us explore, through this questioning, core aspects of our faith and practice. They help us address important , challenging issues each of us need to discern. So we hope to get more copies available for everyone in the coming months, and would encourage you to use them.

The Ministry and Oversight team - Felicity, Jonathan, Ian, Kerry, Marie, Michael, Sylvia and Will