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M&O Dec 22 Update

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Update from the September meeting of the Ministry & Oversight Team:

The last couple of weeks have been gloriously busy around the Meeting House, with the building be very much used by many groups. It is wonderful that both the Worship Sharing Group and the Quaker Book Group are now meeting in person each month, and that the monthly After Meeting Conversations are seeing great engagement. Likewise, it was a joy to have the annual Christmas Fair for Quaker Service at the Meeting House, with our Friends from Frederick Street and indeed other Meetings, enabling not just fundraising but a lovely sense of networking.

In the M&O team, we are now planning for After Meeting Conversations for 2023, looking at many different aspects of our faith and practice. These will take place on the third Sunday of each month, although in July and August we will plan for Meeting picnics, as we did this year.

To help explain some of our "practice", and demystify some of the peculiar jargon we Quakers use around our Meetings, we are also about to publish on our website a "jargon-busting" guide. We hope that it is helpful, but do use it to raise with us any questions you have. Some of the ways we do things can seem strange to newcomers, but there is generally a good, challenging and positive reason underlying our actions - or so we dearly hope!

Related to that is the whole issue of how we communicate to those who might be interested in Quakerism. We are wary of proselytising, with the danger that we appear to be denigrating other approaches. Against that we find Quakerism a rich and important way in which to live and are very keen to make it accessible to those who are seeking. Getting the balance right in communication is therefore very important to us, and a theme that we think about a good deal in M&O.

We also continue to gently remind you about our Funeral forms, setting out your wishes. We have had a number of the new forms returned, and we would be keen to see more, since it helps everyone. We also may be gently checking your age - not for any malign reason but because we want to ensure that older Members get access to some financial support to which they are entitled!

The Ministry and Oversight team - Felicity, Jonathan, Ian, Kerry, Marie, Michael, Sylvia and Will